About Ensemble Isabella

TOCH5300 - Kopie

Ensemble Isabella is passionate about medieval and Renaissance music. Isabella, a name for queens, saints and artists, with both ancient roots and modern flair, expresses not only the elegance of this talented ensemble but also the particular connection between the cultural heritage of the music and their own contemporary spirit. Isabella presents this captivating music through a richly varied palette of voices and instrumental colors (harps, vielle, organetto, and recorders), basing its performance practice on diligent research. Carefully designed programs open a window to the fascinating medieval world, revealing the history and the cultural context behind the music.

The ensemble performs in a flexible formation of three to five members, depending on the program. Isabella’s roots lay in the medieval music department of the Trossingen Conservatory, where the musicians first met. Today they are based in Basel, Switzerland. Ensemble Isabella unites the sparkling creativity of performers from three continents in the heart of Europe.