Claire Piganiol

BI3A2565Claire Piganiol studied recorder and modern harp near Paris. Her fascination for historical harps then led her to musical studies in Milan, Toulouse and Basel, where she obtained a Master in early harps in 2012.

A Master in instruments from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance at the Musikhochschule Trossingen allowed her to specialize in these repertoires; besides, academic studies in history and in musicology (Maîtrise in Université Paris-Sorbonne, France) gave her the opportunity to start research work on the iconography, organology and playing techniques of her instruments.

Claire participates in several ensembles in France and abroad: ensembles Isabella, Tetraktys, Gilles Binchois, Duvinsela, Le Parlement de Musique, and Akadêmia. She has performed at many early music festivals such as Oude Muziek Utrecht, Laus Polyphoniae Antwerpen, Wunderkammer Trieste, and Festival de Davos; opera houses in Lille, Metz, Amsterdam, Dresden; and historical centers such as the castle of Versailles, Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris and the Einsiedeln Monastery.

She teaches historical harps at the conservatoire of Besançon and regularly organizes courses and workshops.